​I am an Associate Professor at the Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate, at the University of Copenhagen. I am interested in gene evolution across various time scales, ranging from recent domestication events to differences between vertebrates and invertebrates. 

During my PhD I studied the chemistry of cytochromes P450, an amazing set of enzymes that even when having as little as 10% sequence identity between sequences still share a very similar protein structure. I then became very interested in how sequence data can provide information about evolution, specially regarding the impact on phenotypic traits. I have used various bioinformatic approaches to look at molecular evolution in mammalian species, birds, invertebrates and crop plants. Previously I was an Assistant Professor at the Bioinformatics Centre, where I am still connected to the popgen group.

Contact info:

rfonseca <at> sund.ku.dk

NEWS: our paper describing the genome sequencing, assembly and annotation of a giant squid is out!
Check out the highlights or the GigaScience blog.
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